Submissions are limited to those who were influenced during formative years by religious fundamentalism. We request a short bio with submissions to verify this, but allow for anonymous bylines at publication.

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All works accepted for appearance at are:

  • Original pieces produced by the submitter.
  • Contemporaneous artwork produced by visual, performing, or literary artists.
  • Submitted in good faith with a brief biographical note concerning the artist’s experiences with religious fundamentalism.
  • Reviewed by our editorial staff and approved by the Editor in Chief.
  • Published with a 3-line artist biography or anonymously, upon the artist’s request.

By submitting your work to The Swan Children, you grant The Swan Children the right to reformat and publish your work according to our curatorial format. You retain the right to distribute and profit commercially from any work submitted. If previously published, please indicate where, what format, and the publication date in your submission.

Art and Photography
Submit your original art, mixed media, and photography pieces in high definition digital formats for review by our editors, Kiery King (art) and Debbie Holloway (photography).

Culinary & Mixology
Culinary and mixology submissions are not being accepted until after the July 1, 2014 issue.

Music and Video
Submit your original audio/visual productions and performances in high definition digital formats, for review by Becca Rose. If the work of another artist is incorporated into your piece (e.g., you’ve choreographed a dance to a song, or you’re covering another artist’s work), please provide full credit attribution to the artist in your video and pursue permissions rights for use of previously published content.

Please submit your original poetry in rich text format (.rtf) for review by our editors, Sarah Murray and Emily Joy Allison.

Please submit your flash fiction (0 – ~1000 words) and short stories (~1000 – ~15000 words) in rich text format  (.rtf) for review by our editor, Leon.

Fan Fiction: Swan Children Magazine does not, as a rule, publish fan fiction or other transformative/derivative works, defined by the Organization for Transformative Works as “creative works about characters or settings created by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators.” Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the editorial team. Inquiries regarding this genre should be directed to Rachel Leon with the subject line of “Swan Children: Fan Fiction Submission.”

Mature Content Policy:

The Swan Children is committed to promoting excellence in the arts originating from communities of religious fundamentalism. As such, we will feature art that may contain serious or troubling subject matter, nudity, graphic images or descriptions, or other mature content. We ask our viewers to engage our material with both discretion and an open mind, and we will notify users of mature or triggering content on each page containing said content.

Comment Policy:

The Swan Children has chosen the tagline “Art Without Apologies” for a reason, and we do not allow comments or feedback on any of the content on our site, for the sake of our contributors. We do, however, welcome letters to the editor at info(@)swanchildrenmag(.)com.