Two-Sided World – Kristina Eaton

The world is round
And from youth, this we have known
But it isn’t until you circle it
That the dimensions
And implications
of this become clear

The world is round
And thus, is has two sides, or maybe three
This, that and the other
And two means choosing
And I stand between heaven and earth
On one side and not the other

There are two sides of the world, so we’ve been told
And two sides to every story
And I stand on one page and not the other
Ready to jump when it turns, to land hard
And wake up wondering where I am
And why half of me is missing

For what can I say to these things?
Is it better to depart and be with you
Or to remain
To live is loss, to die the same

So flip a coin and heads or tails
I will fall and stain this page with tears
Then rise and stand on one side of a reeling two sided world
But not the other


Kristina Eaton lives in St Paul, Minn. along with her husband and baby boy. She has a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Singapore Bible College, where she wrote both of the poems included here. Despite enjoying her time in Singapore, she is very glad to be living again in a place with four seasons, trail walks in the woods, trees to climb, first snows, last snows, soft rains, road trips, and large libraries.