Song of Death – Mara Osowiecki

Arise, O Lady of the Night
Spread your wings and take to flight
On evening’s gilded shadows fly
O, thou, dusk’s dark and maiden sprite

As through the clouds thy prey you spy
Your flight is hid to human eye
Flee, O Man, toward dawn’s first light
For death’s dark shadow’s drawing nigh

Can any mortal hear her song?
Or scoff her maidens as they throng?
Tremble, Man, at thy Lady’s door
Death at last will sound her gong

The piercing scream of Lady’s roar
Stealing lives as evening’s whore
Beware, O Death, when thou doth strike
Else thy power be no more.

When clouds at last unveil the moon
And ‘luminate the darkest boon
Terror strikes at Man’s weak heart
With no escape from Death’s dark tune.

Winging down, the shadow darts
And enters into man’s weak heart
There her song predicts his death
He can’t survive against her art

Mara is a geeky mid-20-something who lives in the foothills and attends an all-women university. Her imagination unfettered, she continues to express herself in the only way she had growing up—the written word.