My Body, In Parts – Serenity

Unmasking the image that is my body is like peeling away the thin paper


folds between the pages


The folds that adorned a body so flat, so uninteresting, so dimensionally




That when you turn the page, you forget about it and it just becomes another


body lost in the




Another pair of ass and tits and mounds of flesh that make up the singular


point of my physical




An existence so burdened with the shame of my own skin, and the imaginary


lines I draw from


chin to navel


From nipple to toe


From eyelash to ribcage


That I can barely see where I begin and the pages end

Read more at Serenity’s tumblr. Serenity is 25 years old. She holds a bachelor’s in journalism and works as a paid writer and poet. She seeks to share her story and religious upbringing, not in hopes to condemn, but to help open the eyes of those who unknowingly oppress men, women, and children in such societies.