Giselle – Hännah Ettinger

We danced until everything frayed
And I kissed you until you melted away
The fog never came to suit the mood
And the stars were watching the whole thing.


I walk past your grave every morning
On my way to live my life.
Leaving tried to cross my mind once
But couldn’t get through the traffic.


When you were here, your smell stayed on me
And I’d wake up breathing you in.
Now that you’re there, I sleep like a mother
Fitfully listening for your hand upon the door.


Sometimes you come and I am yours
And we dance until it all falls apart.
When sunlight hits my sheets and I am alone
I wish you had left me, so I could move on.

Hännah loves every part of the business of telling and sharing good stories. For now, she lives in Los Angeles with an orange cat. You can read her blog and follow her on Twitter @haettinger, where she mostly tweets about how hungry she is.