Editorial Team

Publisher: Hännah Ettinger
Hännah loves every part of the business of telling and sharing good stories. For now, she lives in Los Angeles with an orange cat. You can read her blog and follow her on Twitter @haettinger, where she mostly tweets about how hungry she is.

Editor-in-Chief: Connor Flan Joel
Connor Flan Joel is a children’s library worker and radical faerie living and working in Philadelphia. They research and advocate around trans and gender creative children in libraries and in media. Flan rolls out pastry wherever a table is to be found.

Managing Web & Art Editor: Kierstyn King
Kiery is a genderqueer artist, filmmaker, gamer, and generally geeky person who blogs at Bridging the Gap, draws HumoroticaChronicles of a Bitch GoddessE.R.A., and runs KieryGeek. Find hen on Twitter @kiery28.

Managing Editor & Fiction Editor: Leon
Leon is a geeky queer feminist androgyne. They write speculative fiction centering queer characters. You can find them on Twitter @other_echoes, where they talk about gender, sexuality, fundamentalism, and Wonder Woman boxer briefs.

Music/Video Editor: Becca Rose
Becca Rose has her degree in creative writing, and high hopes for her student loan debt. She blogs at Bookworm Beauty and tweets too much @bookbeaut

Photography Editor: Debbie Holloway
Debbie is the Family Life Editor for Crosswalk.com by day, devoted member of Richmond theatre guild Thursdaenite Players by night. She is learning to cook and enjoys reading books out loud with her husband. Sometimes she writes at Shadowing Abigail, sometimes she instagrams @tinydebbiejane.

Poetry Editor: Sarah Murray
Sarah is a poet & artist living out life and faith through the beautiful mess of humanity. She currently is raising two boys with her amazing blogging husband and has dreams of traveling the world.

Poetry Editor: Emily Joy Allison
Emily Joy is a spoken word poet and a Midwest native currently on an adventure in Nashville. She writes mostly about God and boys and longs for the collective “me too” moment that vulnerable art can inspire in others. In her spare time, she makes burritos, plays the mandolin, and watches Ancient Aliens reruns. Her poetry and more information about her, including booking, can be found at emilyjoypoetry.com.

Culinary & Mixology Editor: Reamey Linn
Reamey enjoys cooking and plans to use it as a way to explore all the places in the world she plans on seeing at some point. And baking has always been a good stress-reliever for days when she can’t deal with people anymore. She is getting a Culinary Arts degree, because she figured she may as well be good at what she likes to do.

Culinary & Mixology Editor: Michael Benavidez
Michael Benavidez lives on the beach with his beautiful wife Jordan and manages food and beverage operations at a boutique hotel in San Francisco. Things he thinks are delicious are tacos, aperol, and chartreuse. He thinks bacon has jumped the shark and blames this, among many other things, on the internet. You can follow him on Instagram at @mtbenavidez.